Do not take internally. Psychologically eucalyptus globulus has uplifting and anti-depressant properties. It has a straight trunk up to two-thirds of its total height and a well-developed crown. It is appreciated for its adaptation and fast-growing aptitude. Foliage Leaves are glossy, dark green, thick and leathery. Eucalyptus globulus leaves taken internally showed a considerable inhibitory effect on the growth of Candia albicans in both normal and diabetic rats. The previously mentioned study [4] discovered that, “Eucalyptus oil extract is able to implement the innate cell-mediated immune response, providing scientific support for an additional use of this plant extract.”. People use eucalyptus for many conditions including asthma, bronchitis, plaque and gingivitis, head lice, toe nail fungus, and many others, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. use; Eucalyptus globulus Labill., Eucalyptus polybractea R.T. Baker and/or Eucalyptus smithii R.T. Baker, aetheroleum; Eucalypti aetheroleum; Eucalyptus oil . An industry expert, Bella has spent years training and learning in the aromatherapy field, which she continues annually. On the physiological level eucalyptus globulus has analgesic, anti-rheumatic,antiseptic, antispasmodic, expectorant and mucolytic properties and its use could be considered for colds and flu, to stimulate circulation and muscular aches and pains. November 10, 2020, This content was updated for accuracy and relevance on November 10th, 2020. It is considered to be the mildest of the eucalyptus oils. And all are GC/MS tested to ensure quality and safety. All rights reserved. It is easy to know when you are standing in a eucalyptus grove because of the sweet menthol smell and the long strips of bark, dead leaves and hard brown fruits blanketing the ground. It’s pleasant aroma can provide several benefits, including: Basically, its anti-inflammatory property allows you to breathe deeply once again. Contraindications: No formal testing however Robert Tisserand and Tony Balacs suggest that it is unlikely to present any hazard in aromatherapy. Its an oil thats popular for a variety of reasons - one reason being its aroma. This is one of our favorite Eucalyptus diffuser blends because of its medicinal and refreshing aroma, which can support overall health and vitality. Robert Tisserand and Tony Balacs, Essential Oil Safety Churchill Livingston, New York, NY, 1995. Some items in your cart cannot be shipped outside the US. Eucalyptus polybractea R.T. Baker and/or Eucalyptus smithii R.T. Baker, aetheroleum . Whether you use it for aromatherapy or apply topically, Eucalyptus essential oil has myriad benefits. As the most mellow and soft of all the Eucalyptus varieties. Which One to Choose – Eucalyptus Citriodora, Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Radiata or Eucalyptus Smithii? This is the most mellow and soft of all Eucalyptus species and the essential oil has all of the same healthy attributes of its plant cousins. Eucalyptus oil is one of must have essential oil for winter season due to its ability to provide relief from respiratory conditions. Eucalyptus Globulus (Blue Gum Eucalyptus) The classic eucalyptus inspires deep breathing with its … Eucalyptus Cinerea vs. Eucalyptus Polyanthemos. Antiseptic Asthma Bronchitis Bruises Circulatory, locally Colds Cold Sore Coughs Croup Cystitis Digestion Hayfever Joint aches, pains Kidney, … Eucalyptus oil is the generic name for distilled oil from the leaf of Eucalyptus, a genus of the plant family Myrtaceae native to Australia and cultivated worldwide. 2010) (Bokaeian, et al. It does have a little less 1,8-cineole and has a pleasanter, softer odor, but the difference in terms of safety is almost negligible. The aroma is … A study on the plant’s [2] interaction with immune response concluded that, “Monoterpenoid components of aromatic constituents of Eucalyptus essential oil are traditionally used as analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic remedies and are commercially available for assisting the common cold and other symptoms of respiratory infections.”. To enjoy the benefits of these natural remedies, always choose a 100% pure essential oil, like those offered in the Essencia product line . are prized for their fragrance, foliage and wood, but the species range widely in size, shape and distribution. and to treat wounds and fungal infections. Eucalyptus blends well with basil, cajeput, cedarwood, frankincense, ginger, juniper,lavender, lemon, marjoram, myrtle, niaouli, pine, peppermint, rosemary, tea tree and thyme. Contraindications: Generally considered non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing. Rapid environmental Eucalyptus, which belongs to the Myrtaceae family, is an evergreen and one of the world’s tallest trees. Eucalyptus trees (Eucalyptus spp.) Eucalyptus globulus is the eucalyptus oil most commonly known and described in aromatherapy books. Eucalyptus globulus is an aromatic tree. An evergreen plant native to Australia, eucalyptus has long been used in medicinal treatment by societies the worldover, including the Greeks, Chinese and Europeans. Overview Information Eucalyptus is a tree. The eucalyptus plant has a host of powerful properties that makes it an ideal essential oil when you’re feeling congested and under the weather. These are among the most commonly used Eucalyptus oils in aromatherapy. The difference in our best types of Eucalyptus oils really comes down to their aromas. Although it's your body’s natural response to being tested, inflammation can cause discomfort that makes it difficult to train or even go about your day-to-day activities. Eucalyptus has creamy-white flowers and a smooth, pale grey bark. Eucalyptus smithii is recommended for long term use in protection and prevention. Can be toxic when taken internally. The Blue Gum Eucalyptus tree is known as Eucalyptus Globulus. Gabriel Mojay, Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, Gaia Books Limited, London, 1996. Eucalyptus globulus, commonly known as blue gum, has a strong campherlike odour. Taxes and Shipping calculated at checkout, by Bella Martinez This eucalyptus is considered better for children and sensitive people. Eucalyptus radiata – This oil is commonly known as Black Peppermint Oil. The essential oil of each of the species mentioned below will smell similar; however, the chemical and healing properties will vary.
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