method is a technique called Product-Based Planning, which is defi ned in the 2009 PRINCE2® Manual as “A technique leading to a comprehensive plan based on the creation and delivery of required outputs. There are four steps involved in creating a PRINCE2 plan: write a Project Product Description, create a Product Breakdown Structure, write the Product Descriptions, and finally create the Product Flow Diagram. This helps in proper decision making for the stage. Another advantage compared to activity-based planning has to do with reporting. “I hope you enjoyed my Real World PRINCE2 Product based planning article!”. • Establishing clearly the products that must be created on a pro… One element of PRINCE2 ® that I use on every project I’m involved with is product-based planning. This method is used in PRINCE2, the UK's government mandated method for the management of major projects. If the project only has one major end product, then the diagrams are not required -- maybe only the Project Product Description is needed - but this would be an extreme example...For slightly more complex projects, there may only be a handful of products, and the two diagrams can be sketched out in a matter of minutes. Planning is an iterative activity, and you WILL come back to one or more of the previous product based planning steps...The remaining steps of the planning process, will now be dealt with.Estimating. In PRINCE2, all plans are documents and the planning process is used to create such a document. PRINCE2 2009 PRINCE2 2009 updates PRINCE2 2005 and covers the principles, the themes - business case, organisation, quality, plans, risk, change and progress. For each of these situations the Product-Based Planning Technique is used. The planning process consists of several activity steps. Copyright 2020 Projex Academy, all rights reserved. Making assumptions about how many people will be carrying out the work on each task, the duration and costs for each class can be estimated.Using a planning tool and the experienced advice from the team, the tasks or activities needed to create each product can be set up in the correct sequence and showing the right dependencies between each. In PRINCE2, all plans are documents and the planning process is used to create such a document. Product-based planning is a fundamental part of the PRINCE2 approach to project management, and is a method of identifying all of the products (project deliverables) that make up or contribute to delivering the objectives of the project, and the associated work required to deliver them. A refrigerator is a final product with sub-products being door, shelves, heat exchange unit, fans, ice cube dispensers, lights, etc. Using the experience of the people present, a top level approach of costs and timescales for each of these activities can be estimated.An example might be " this activity will take around four weeks, and will need on average three people working full-time". It is the activity Defining and Analyzing Products, that uses product based planning. As a result of modifying product descriptions as above, the product breakdown structure and product flow diagram may need to be modified in some way. The documents which define the Project itself are also considered Products. This uses risk analysis including the selection of possible risk responses.These actions will need to be built into the plan in the form of activities and resources -- resulting in returning to previous steps to include these resources for example within the network diagram.It is important to take detailed notes here for inclusion within the Risk Register late - particularly allocation of each Risk Owner. The idea behind using Product based planning technique in PRINCE2 is to ensure that the scope of the work is known for a Stage or Sprint. For each of these situations the Product Based Planning Technique is used. Creation of the product flow chart diagram It starts with identifying the products required and only then considers the activities, dependencies and resources required to deliver the products. PRINCE2 Aligned Product-based planning goes to the heart of a successful project: the more time you put in at the start to identifying what needs to be built along the project’s journey, the more likely you are to ultimately give the customer what they want. Perhaps you've been told that PRINCE2 is not in the real world when it comes to product based planning -- but think again​!It is helpful to first consider where in a PRINCE2 project that product based planning is used. Because of the high-level nature of the Project Plan, not all products may be known at this time, or, for those that are known, not all of the details can be determined at this point in time.This suggests that when using product based planning on a particular stage at some point in the future for a given project, existing and incomplete product descriptions can now have the extra information added, along with the creation of new product descriptions, known for the first time at this point (which are part of the product based planning technique).Let us now discuss how the product based planning technique may be used in the real world.As with most planning, product based planning is best done within a team environment such as a planning workshop. I think the product-based planning in PRINCE2 helps to focus on the benefits you want to achieve. __CONFIG_colors_palette__{"active_palette":0,"config":{"colors":{"8f594":{"name":"Main Accent","parent":-1},"7e3b5":{"name":"Main Accent Light","parent":"8f594","lock":{"saturation":1,"lightness":1}}},"gradients":[]},"palettes":[{"name":"Default Palette","value":{"colors":{"8f594":{"val":"rgb(17, 137, 198)","hsl":{"h":200,"s":0.84,"l":0.42}},"7e3b5":{"val":"rgb(111, 204, 251)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":200,"l":0.71,"s":0.95}}},"gradients":[]},"original":{"colors":{"8f594":{"val":"rgb(19, 114, 211)","hsl":{"h":210,"s":0.83,"l":0.45}},"7e3b5":{"val":"rgb(111, 181, 252)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":210,"s":0.95,"l":0.71}}},"gradients":[]}}]}__CONFIG_colors_palette__, Create a Project Product Description for the project final product (used for Project Plan only, Create a Product Description for each main lower level product (not all may need a product description), This product description will need to be refined, At stage planning time, a single product description issued at Project Plan level may now be recognized as several products and a further product based planning workshop may need to be convened, Products are too complex and the activities are too long, Some products may be removed to meet a deadline. The planning process consists of several activity steps. My Online Subscriptions > PRINCE2 Agile 2016 > Appendix D Product-based planning example. Take pictures if you like with your cell-phone camera!That completes the product based planning technique, but the plan document has not been finished yet....NOTE. PRINCE2 Product based planning approach A project is required to organize and run a conference for between 80 and 100 delegates. Some product may need to be de-scoped to simplify activity times. This method captures them all, reducing the chance that any will be overlooked. The key question to ask here is "would determining the product quality criteria be helpful? In this way, by defining the whole product set necessary for the project, and not just those that are in your scope, you can surface and document the critical assumptions. Examples such as design, development, testing, etc, can be used here. However, this will still mean that product descriptions will need to be created for significant products, and hence product based planning is still used.The guideline here is that " does the creation of a product description add any value"., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 December 2018, at 19:47. The four steps of Product Based Planning are to produce in order: An Overall Product Description; A Product Breakdown Structure; Product Descriptions for each product; A Product Flow Diagram The date and subject matter are set, and the focus of the conference is to bring members of a particular profession up to date on recent developments in … The Project Management Institute has many of the same concepts in their Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK). PRINCE2 employs product-based planning techniques, focusing on identifying the product necessary to achieve project/stage objectives. Product Based Planning is one of only four techniques prescribed in PRINCE2, the others being Quality Reviews, Change Control Approach, and Project Filing. These are: The Exception Plan is only ever needed, should the Project Plan or stages plans causes the project manager to forecast that Tolerance of that plan is to be exceeded. Structure Not only does this technique help me to identify the constituent parts that will create the final, integrated product or output to hand … PRINCE2 –Procurement Product - based planning is a fundamental part of the PRINCE2 approach to project management, and is a method of identifying all of ... M Prince2 Team Structure - CheckyKey The description of the technique is excellent. The technique considers prerequisite products, quality requirements and the dependency between products.” The manual Draft copies of all major product descriptions can now be created, or you may choose to leave such creation until both of the diagrams within product based planning have been created.4. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Knowing what the labour costs are, and any other non-than human resource, it is easy to arrive at a cost figure.Drawing a simple Gantt Chart on the flip-chart will give a top level estimates of the total project duration. Based on focus on product principal Product based planning technique is used. Our mission is to exceed your learning expectations in the most professional and efficient way possible. During the pre-course, you read key chapters of the manual and answer exam questions to test your knowledge and understanding. This PRINCE2 technique is especially useful for putting a plan together which comprises the “shopping list” of the things that my project team needs to create to deliver a final product. One of the three techniques described by PRINCE2, product-based planning, will form the basis of the next stage, and all on-going iterations, of our programme planning process. Thousands of people just like you are online right now boosting their knowledge, career and earning capabilities with our certified Project Management Courses. PRINCE2 gives little advice on estimating, and this is a good thing, because projects and industries will vary greatly in their use of estimating techniques. Most other project methods and frameworks start with the activities. We will be at your side every step of the way. Be prepared for more than one opinion of the correct structure, it is important to reach a compromise during these product based planning workshops.3. These new post-it notes can now be used directly to create a traditional network diagram.The product post-it notes will be represented on such a diagram as a milestone.What happens next will depend upon the complexity of the project. Systems Thinking SIG – Product Based Planning Fusion Guidance - Issue 1 Page 2 Note that the technique includes Management Products (Business Case, Controls, Quality Plans etc.) PRINCE2 has developed the Product-Based Planning technique, an iterative planning process that focuses attention on the products that a project must deliver. Study anywhere, anytime at your own pace. The description of the technique is excellent. Project Assurance should review all draft copies of Plans.It can also be helpful to give copies of such draft plans to members of the project board prior at an end stage assessment, so that the meeting itself can be used to clarify, and make decisions on whether the project should proceed.
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