As a result, the aim of this research paper is to critically evaluate the influence of creative thinking on marketing creativity. In the age of image-based social media and infographics, many businesses are focusing their ads around a single large image meant to draw viewers in. Many people communicate in different ways. BUT that's not all - you also get the "2-in-1 blade sharpener" and if you order in the next 10 minutes you'll also receive a second set of ginsu knives! A creative brief template has no specific and fixed format. No one can teach or force you to become creative. Your mission is to become the go-to infographic about this topic. When you think about the world’s most popular fast food restaurant, McDonald’s pops to mind. Yet, all too often, poorly conceived and executed creative briefs lead to uninspired deliverables. In addition to the five key elements, the research also notes the impact of “brand factors” related to the intrinsic characteristics, such as price and penetration, which also affect the overall result. If you are using radio or television as your primary medium, offer the audience a special report whether it is a paper report, audiocassette, or a video. Following are some of the main elements of a creative brief that I use. They see advertising as: A. an inherent drama working to offset the reality of social issues. Not having a unique competitive advantage with which to show value, results in competing solely on price - - and that's a losing proposition (unless you have a significant cost advantage). The term is associated with reviewing creative works that have intangible elements such as style. If you use scarcity tactics (and you should), make sure that you hold true and keep your word by rescinding the offer when you say you will. Element #3 - Irresistible OfferIf you have ever seen the ginsu knife infomercial you have witnessed the anatomy of an irresistible offer. It’s a sort of metaphorical map which the people in the creative team follow. Now that's an irresistible offer. Is it to call your office, come to your store, or go to your website? A powerful headline is either, (1) benefit driven, (2) news oriented, (3) curiosity driven, or (4) how-to oriented. When partnering with a creative firm, sharing a creative brief can ensure everyone’s on the same page. To avoid this, you need to track the response rates of your ads. Design Elements: Line 2. Nobody can guarantee a winning ad. Sticky messages also are creative. 7 Elements of Print Advertising. As depicted earlier, hamsters dancing to party music (in the Kia Soul campaign) is clearly unexpected by viewers. Above all, be truthful and honest! Elements of a Creative Brief Template. According to SEO Company Go, successful infographics need to be relevant and timely. But if your contract isn’t airtight, and something goes wrong, you won’t be dancing for long. 7 elements to include in your creative briefing. As such, advertising strategies are often designed to catch the attention, convey a commercially meaningful message and persuade. Without knowing what ads are pulling better than others, you could be wasting a lot of money. Elements of Advertisements 1. placement of the various elements, such as the product visuals and copy, all impact on. The New York Times. Always select the right message, according to With all the scams, rip-offs, and untruthful ads consumers have experienced, who knows what to believe anymore? Element #4 - Unique Competitive AdvantageWhy should your prospect do business with you over any of your competitors. Compared to pictures, words might … Does your business have a goal of putting out a great infographic in hopes that it will be picked up by other sites? Advertising is the practice of paying to communicate to the public through media or physical locations. Hint: Including pictures of the endorser will double the effectiveness of your testimonial. Most creative briefs, for direct mail or any other type of effort, should include these basic components so that you can follow a disciplined, best practices approach to marketing. To avoid this, you need to track the response rates of your ads. One last thought about your irresistible offer. If your prospect finds it difficult to take advantage of your offer during their moment of impulse, you will lose the sale. It shows where to start and how to follow through with the project at hand. Phrases such as, "call now", "come in today", "sign up right now" trigger emotional response mechanisms that get your prospect to take action on an offer that secretly you want to take advantage of anyway. Scarcity is felt when the supply of either time or product quantity is limited. Advertising is often very difficult, but fortunately there are many different strategies to creating the perfect ad. 1. Brands and organizations alike, have moved to digital methods of reaching out to their potential customers and carrying out operations. However, a common mistake advertisers make is to add graphics that overpower the copy, leaving little space to tell their story. Resources / Articles / 10 Key Elements of a Successful Creative Brief. All Rights Reserved. It’s a document which is created by the requesting party to define the parts of a creative piece of work. Another great idea is talking to salespeople who interact with customers every day. 6 Tips for Designing with Lines Ex… Authoritative newspaper? Here’s a compilation of advice on those six essentials. As such, branding relies heavily on visual arts and other creative content such as music and copywriting. Five Rock-Solid Creative Content Marketing Strategies How you decide to introduce your brand to the world is one of the most important business decisions you will make. Another tactic may be to use a unique landing page on your website for different promotions. Now let’s dive into a few key pieces of information your creative brief should include and questions it should answer. A good graphic can attract the attention of your prospect and draw them in to your message. But, you have to … Do a little role playing. The site has established itself as the go-to source for funny, piercing art, and the Columbus cartoon was a reminder of The Oatmeal’s leadership in that area. By utilizing vintage advertising elements, brands today can easily tap into the emotive capabilities of nostalgia. Readers satisfy their interests by scanning headlines. If the marketing strategy worked, you will have people interacting with your business on social accounts, sharing your content and talking up your brand. The set of principles to follow for effective advertisements will help meet the objectives of your client. When you think about the world’s most popular fast food restaurant, McDonald’s pops to... 2. Further Reading: How to use size, scale, and proportion; Elements of Design: Scale; Tweaking size and pressure effects on your Photoshop stamp brushes can create visual interest around scale: 214 Spray Photoshop Brushes. Creative feedback is the process of improving a creative work by reviewing it and offering constructive suggestions. The elements of design are the parts that define the visual, the tools and components that a person uses to create a composition. Use these elements as your own personal "winning ad checklist.". They can be thick or thin, vertical, horizontal, or dia… The Business Journals Creative strategy Young & Rubicama refers to all elements of the marketing mix, which are outlined in the advertisement indirectly. Any site can offer up a generic tip list. Now, not every business has the movie-making budget of Nike. It is more of a feeling, and less tangible than the other elements. Although a picture is worth a thousand words, it can also be interpreted a thousand different ways, sometimes causing confusion. Dominance and Emphasis. Always tell the reason why you can make such a great offer. Suppose you want readers to call your toll-free telephone number, then your call-to-action should be, "call our toll-free number now! People don't like to be guinea pigs. The findings also highlight how media is playing a more important role than ever. Element #12 - GraphicsUsing a graphic is the first step in a three-step system for getting your audience to read your ad. Not only is this a great way to understand client needs and concerns, you are showing them that you are a business made up of real people that care. Subtle differences suit professional content, while bold ones prefer creative enterprises. After the catchy cover or evocative photo get a person’s attention, it’s the copy’s job to take over and inform, educate, and inspire him. When partnering with a creative firm, sharing a creative brief can ensure everyone’s on the same page.