This way, you can make crispy snacks and perfectly fried foods without the oil. I purchased this L.G gas convention range and so far I am in love with it. Download owner's manuals and (used the guideline in the owners manual) I've used the convection and normal bake. The oven automatically subtracts 25 degrees from the temperature to offset the difference when using convection and the results are right on. My only complaint is about the oven controls and having to use the up and down arrows to set heat and time rather than simply tapping numbers. In-store pricing may vary. I invite Best Buy or LG to contact me regarding this range. Surface burners in use when an electrical power failure occurs will continue to operate normally. We love our new LG oven, whats not love after our circa 1985 oven died. This LG is the best product in our price range. Have had it installed for 3 weeks now and no problems. You just need to be mindful of the temperature that you use to cook on the griddle...^IFV, In the event of a power failure, you can light the gas surface burners on the LG 5.8 cu ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled True Convection InstaView™ Gas Range with Air Fry, Model # LRGL5825D with a match. We got it in the Black Stainless Steel. LG LRGL5825F 18901. I will include photos. documentation, Help yourself to helpful product But when I called Iwas told you don’t then have it. Add to cart. Wifi Enabled Gas Range with InstaView Window and AirFry - PrintProof Stainless Steel Code: 18901 Manufacturer: LG Model #: lrgl5825f SALE ends 12/2/20 $879.00 If you’re using Internet Explorer 9 or earlier, you will need to use an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE10 or greater). The only couple minor things to note: 18% OFF. You don't want to griddle too hot either. It seems to be well made. PrintProof™ fingerprint & smudge resistant finish easily wipes clean to handle real-life in style. I'm still getting used to cooking with gas again, and using convection baking, so I've had some "crispy" cookies and crusts but I think that's operator error. Heavy build-up may require additional manual effort or use of the full self-clean feature. Ft. Freestanding Single Gas Convection Range with Wide InstaView Window and AirFry - PrintProof Stainless Steel. Both are awesome. I really like this LG Range and highly recommend it. By circulating air throughout the oven, convection gives you more even cooking and browning.• Generous Cooktop: With wide, sturdy cooking grates and five burners with precise controls, including one LG UltraHeat™ 20,000 BTU burner, plus a Simmer burner, two standard burners and one middle burner to accommodate your griddle.Created for the way you live, the LRGL5825F gas range features an air fryer, convection cooking, and innovative tech to simplify your life. I did get the extra warranty because of the digital panel. And if (or when) spills as splatters happen, cleanup is simple. A nice weighty door. I bought this a free months ago when I purchased my new home. *Among major leading home appliance brands as surveyed in March 2020. I love the fact that it has five burners of varying size and that the space under the grids is so easy to clean. Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for LG - EasyClean 5.4 Cu. LRGL5825F LG 30" 5.8 cu.ft. It has been over 10 years since I have had a brand new stove. You don't need to heat up the griddle before adding the bacon. The burners are not multi-level burners...^IFV, What is the model number for the 2018 LG Single Gas Oven Range that you are inquiring about? LRGL5825F in Stainless Steel by LG in Appleton, WI - 5.8 cu ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled True Convection InstaView™ Gas Range with Air Fry. Overall, I'd recommend it. Love this range. I have called SO MANY TIMES only to find out the parts have been DISCONTINUED. I haven't used the oven-cleaning feature yet, so I can't comment. LRGL5825F in Stainless Steel by LG in East Weymouth, MA - 5.8 cu ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled True Convection InstaView™ Gas Range with Air Fry. LG Smart appliances deliver extra convenience with smart features & recipe management app partners.*. I really like the convection oven as well it is perfect i cant find any faults with it. My one complaint is how long it take the oven to heat up. We were looking at two other models a little cheaper than this one. In 3 steps & 10 minutes, LG EasyClean® delivers a sparkling oven without chemicals or high heat*. 10952 Reviews LG LRG3194BD. 2) The drawer under the oven is very small. So the LG was our replacement and I like the stability/reliability. The overall look of the range is relatively clean but once you use it the stains begin forming. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. I’m so upset with my purchase and will not encourage anyone to purchase from you. 5.8 Cu. So pretty. I read a lot of reviews. Other than that, I love it. So far I really like this stove. everything else I love, it bakes evenly and keeps a consistent temp. Works great. But you advertise it, but state is optional to purchase the tray. LRGL5825F in Stainless Steel by LG in Seattle, WA - 5.8 cu ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled True Convection InstaView™ Gas Range with Air Fry. for this reason I would not recommend. LRGL5825F in Stainless Steel by LG in Lawrence Township, NJ - 5.8 cu ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled True Convection InstaView™ Gas Range with Air Fry. **Proactive Customer Care is only available in US and is accessed through the ThinQ app. Don't waste your money. Taking a page from LG’s wildly popular InstaView™ refrigerator, this range lets you check cooking progress without opening the door or reaching Browse our collection of LG gas ranges and ovens, as well as our  newest kitchen appliances, and find everything you need to update your space. I always need more storage space. I probably should have looked at that before we bought it but I was surprised at how little I can fit in there. Previous stove died when I used the self clean feature. The 3-step EasyClean system ensures a spotless clean in just 10 minutes. The the bright blue interior of the oven was a total surprise but I love it! The blue interior of the oven makes it much brighter when you turn on the light, making checking progress easy without opening the door. Got this installed and looks great, but not sure it is going to be very easy to clean the top surface when it gets dirty. ft. of capacity, it features True Convection to ensure every meal is perfectly cooked with precise heat. Now I'd never go back to electricity because gas gives me so much more control. Although those features are nice we didn't think we would use them enough to pay the difference in price. $1299.97. It gets hot fast looks awesome is just a great stove. Overall, a great purchase! There are a few OLEDs in LG's 2020 lineup, such as the lower-end LG BX OLED and the higher-end LG GX OLED, which doesn't come with a stand and is designed to sit flat against the wall.However, most of their OLEDs offer very similar picture quality and features, so in terms of price and availability, the CX provides the best value.