© 2019 High Speed Training Ltd. All rights reserved. Her favourite article is Guide to Alternative Milk: Food Safety, Nutritional Benefits & A Good Brew! Your duty to protect children extends beyond the education setting, such as at home. For the last couple of weeks, Beth has been much quieter and withdrawn. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Question 9 When someone discloses abuse you should: A. be reassuring B. report the disclosure to your manager immediately C. tell the individual you will not disclose this information to anybody D. express your opinion E. ask leading questions Question 10 Effects of abuse can be: A. physical B. psychological How would you motivate children and young people? Our online safeguarding trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top safeguarding quizzes. It followed on from the legal requirements set out under the Childcare Act 2006. 1. How do you define an appropriate staff and pupil relationship? This applies regardless of the size of the room(s) people are using and whether they are paying to use the space. Our comprehensive factsheets, written by safeguarding and child protection experts are available as a download on our Early Years Hub website www.earlyyearshub.co.uk *Answers to this quiz are at on the last page! However, as her teaching assistant, you know the child well. Safeguarding is a sensitive subject area and in the case of a disclosure conversation with a child or young person, you’ll need to maintain control over your emotions. Whether it’s a headteacher, head of a department, governor or an interview panel asking you the questions, you need to show a great level of understanding of the practices and principles of safeguarding and child protection. Read the rest . Safeguarding Children Questions Safeguarding Children Questions . For more information about how to respond to potential instances of radicalisation, you can access the government’s Channel Guidance or educate.against.hate. Safeguarding has not changed from previous inspections but there are new safeguarding challenges all the time and it is important that providers are aware of them and able to answer questions confidently during inspection. Get a printable version of this quiz in our shop here, to share at staff meetings and with colleagues. Furthermore, the scenarios above should have helped you think more about how you would respond to possible incidents you may come across. Teaching assistant interview questions and answers will vary greatly depending on the school and post, however, some areas will always be covered. This guidance contains questions that you may wish to ask a provider, examples of the types of good answers you should expect to hear back, and red flags you may wish to How do you feel when somebody holds an opinion which differs from your own? To assess a candidate’s attitude towards safeguarding, you should look to ask them questions which provoke a response relating to their personal experiences. We have created the following scenarios with schools in mind, although many will be applicable or adaptable to other settings. Looking for more support on safeguarding in early years? DoLS Questions and Answers. Find ways to include what you know in your answers. Below are some questions and answers to provide information on Deprivation of Liberty Safeguardings. Can you provide some examples of how you would contribute to making the school a safer environment for children? Safeguarding questions for staff. Level 1- Induction/Mandatory . This has the potential to cause harm to other people if the threat of potentially violent action is carried out. If a colleague has worked/lived abroad but … The answers which respond to safeguarding enquiries are all presented as coming from the lead Bishop, Jonathan Gibbs. Beth is known for being an inquisitive and chatty member of the class. 1. Register - Visitors Log. If you not successfully achieved 100% result on our child protection policy in schools. Designated Safeguarding Officer (Level 3). Teaching Assistant Interview questions by questionsgems. You must have up-to-date knowledge of legislation, current policies and practices to answer the interview questions appropriately. She says that when she tried to approach James to ask why he had suddenly broken off all contact with the group, he got very annoyed and angry. Also explore over 7 similar quizzes in this category. Our example scenarios demonstrate just how complicated some issues can be. You may find it difficult to recognise what constitutes a safeguarding issue and what actions you are responsible for taking. Here they are- Also check- Special education teacher interview questions / Teacher interview questions… How well do sexual health chatbots respond to at-risk users?). The safeguarding scenarios that we have created should help you to understand the possible issues you may be confronted with. You may find it helpful to add these scenarios to your bank of safeguarding training resources. How can you personally support the Council’s safeguarding agenda? A’isha is known to be disruptive during class. Do you think our local authority will give us guidance or will it be government guidance. While it may be that Jenny is simply annoyed at James for leaving the group, her claims must not be dismissed. What do you think motivates young people? Safeguarding Adults . Can you tell me about a time when a child behaved in a way that caused you concern? Are you are preparing to interview a candidate or applying for a teaching assistant job, review our list of best Teaching Assistant interview questions and answers. ‘Open’ questions which prompt a … Secondly, we provide exclusive bonuses with all our products that you won’t find anywhere else. Here you will find our calendar of events, including training days, discussion forums, and national conferences, as well as all our content including interviews with sector experts and helpful resources to enhance teaching and learning.