It was disbanded and never brought back, swallowed by the Russians after World War II. All other Japanese place names in this section require at least two kana.) Country Name : Country code / Abbreviations: 1: Zambia: ZM: 2: Zimbabwe: ZW: You may like also: Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms; 50 USA states abbreviations list; Abbreviation for Commercial; Online chat and text message abbreviations; Post navigation ← Previous Post. NO ARTICLE; No article is included when referring to a country (1) with a single name (except The Gambia) or with merged single-named states Bosnia and Herzegovina. He adopted the first name "John", leaving the "R" unexpanded [39]. I'd love to tidy up São Tomé and Príncipe - this was one of my earliest quizzes before I'd discovered ã's and so forth - but unfortunately if I were to change them, the quiz editor would consider it a change of answer and reset all the stats. Adele: This pretty name has a long history. The sortable table below contains the three sets of ISO 3166-1 country codes for each of its 249 countries, links to the ISO 3166-2 country subdivision codes, and the Internet country code top-level domains (ccTLD) which are based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard with the few exceptions noted. by PBRbateman7 Plays Quiz Updated Dec 18, 2018 . So if you want a name that’s not as simple as Kim or Simi, look no further. Libya's name in Arabic, prior to … [2] (When it became obvious that the US would need a port for refueling during naval warfare in the Pacific, this fact was conveniently overlooked.). (Other than Mount E this is the shortest place name in Japan in both Japanese phonology and orthography. (She was the first and last female ruler in Hawaii.) This page lists FAO's Member Nations in alphabetical order. [3] After capturing a number of cities, they issued their declaration of independence in January 1790 and were moderately successful for a few months. Or Belieze, which is located in Central America. However, the international support never came and the Formosans were soundly defeated by the Japanese military in a matter of months, most of it by June the same year. The question needs some clarification. Shortest Country (Africa) A-Z Blitz Quiz ), They received assistance in their rebellion from the Marines aboard the USS Boston, a move which was deemed illegal at first, even by the US House of Representatives. (Hawaii had recently changed to a form of democracy in which the Hawaiian monarch was used as a ceremonial head of state.). Led by the Committee of Safety, a secret organization devoted to overthrowing the native Hawaiian government, the rebels took over the country. The Kingdom of Denmark as a whole is a member of the EU, but EU law does not apply to the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The country with the shortest women has a mean height of just 4 foot 10.8 inches—that's over a foot shorter than Dutch men, who are the tallest men on the planet at six feet on average. Sign in. The northern forces crushed the southern resistance, capturing Aden on July 7, 1994, and effectively ending the rebellion. (France did send a battleship and some officers to talk with the republic’s leaders.) There are seven different villages in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway with the name Å, which means river in Scandinavian languages. Desiring an Islamic nation devoted to sharia law, the rebels were well-trained and well-armed. Top 100 Short Girl Names: 1. Its official name is Republic of Macedonia, 19 letters. Longest Country Names The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Often alluded to as the UK, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the longest nation name, bragging 56 characters. Isn't on the List. Read more fascinating facts about wannabe countries on 10 Wannabe European Countries You Might Not Have Heard Of and 10 Theoretical Countries Of The Future. It includes their short names, official names and standard country codes. 0 0. The fighting amounted to only a brief series of battles, with the republic only mounting one real offensive: the attempted boarding of the new ironclad warship, the Kotetsu, which had just recently been gifted to the Japanese by the US. MomJunction has gathered 100 of the most beautiful and interesting short baby girl names. How do you think about the answers? In the aftermath of the First Sino-Japanese War and the Treaty of Shimonoseki, Japan had been given control over Taiwan by the Chinese, which infuriated the inhabitants of the island. Against the objections of a large portion of the government, the Taryba (Council of Lithuania) elected Duke Wilhelm von Urach as king of Lithuania, giving him a 12-point proposal to become king, and formed a constitutional monarchy. Honorable mentions for the longest country name go to Taiwan, Libya, and Thailand. 1 decade ago. The designation "Denmark" can refer either to continental Denmark or to the short name for the entire Kingdom (e.g. However, their success didn’t last long as the far superior Soviet army arrived shortly afterward and routed the rebels, known as the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. I can think of none that are 2 or 3 letters. The longest country name in English is "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland." Shortest Country Name. the above ones are the shortest. 4 years ago. If you include I believe that I have the shortest name in the world, at least as expressed in Roman characters. Largely symbolic in nature, the Voloshyn government created the nation just one day after Slovakia declared its own independence (although that was really just a ruse so that Nazi Germany could invade and take over the country). They controlled the city of Yerevan as well as the surrounding area, setting up a sort of escape route for members of the Dashnak government and other intellectuals who feared persecution from the Soviets. As a new study shows that tall height is becoming even more of a rarity — at least in America. Mal-mal. Fiji, which is located in Australia. However, Enomoto Takeaki, the leader of the rebellion, so impressed the Japanese government that he was spared an execution and only served four years in prison. All the states recognized by the United Nations have four or more letters. In 1962, Britain granted independence to Tanganyika like it did for many of its former colonies (sometimes with a little prodding). The Germans came over and officially took charge of the country due to a local r… (As Nigel Powers once said: “There are only two things I can’t stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures . The shortest name in the whole world is X O What country has the shortest constitution in the world? The land was nearly three times as large as Germany itself.). (It was part of German East Africa, an area encompassing modern-day Rwanda, mainland Tanzania, Burundi, and part of Mozambique. The president of that short-lived country was Sanford B. Dole, a cousin once removed of the founder of Dole Food Company. Their main gripe was that Lili’uokalani was attempting to restore native rights, and they felt that annexation by the United States made the most economic sense for Hawaii. When did Elizabeth Berkley get a gap between her front teeth? Civil war broke out in Yemen between the northern and southern states when Ali Salim al-Beidh, the former vice president of the Republic of Yemen, fled to the southern city of Aden in August 1993 with a list of grievances he wished to have fixed. (They were holed up in a star-shaped fortress known as Goryokaku, or “The Pentagon.”)[6], While they were given a sort of diplomatic recognition by Britain and France, the newly formed country was on its own militarily and was soundly defeated by the Meiji government of Japan. The name for the new territory was derived from two Swahili words which mean “sail” and “wilderness,” perhaps a reference to the lake which is partially located within it. One of the last vestiges of the old way of thinking, the samurai who stationed themselves there rebelled, declaring the island to be a sovereign nation of people devoted to the ideals of the samurai. . Funny that the least answered country is Angola, whose name starts with A, the first letter of the alphabet! Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. (The duke took the name Mindaugas II.)[4]. R5: Was playing UMC as German Empire and I puppetted a country and saw … (Germany wanted to combine Lithuania and Prussia into one larger country as well as create a sort of USSR of Germany. It bases its list of country names and abbreviations on the list of names published by the United Nations. The offensive failed, and the republic’s fighters were quickly defeated by Imperial forces. A new government, the Republic of Hawaii, was later formed in 1894 after annexation efforts were stymied. Current ISO 3166 country codes. … But it did spark an independent spirit in the people of the area. There are at least 26 locations in the world that only have a single letter for its name. To be admitted to the World Trade Organization, China required Taiwan to go by the name "Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu (Chinese Taipei)." (It was part of German East Africa, an area encompassing modern-day Rwanda, mainland Tanzania, Burundi, and part of Mozambique. One-word countries only: we're looking for answers like "Czechoslovakia," not "The People's Republic of China." Thank you! Liu Yongfu, the celebrated Chinese hero who fought the French in Vietnam, managed to hold out until October with a garrison of 20,000 men near Tainan, the capital of the republic. However, these are not their full names as recognized … They were wiped off the face of the Earth for a number of reasons. However, they were never recognized by any other countries. . Lichtenstein. Rodney. The Shortest Geographical Place Names. So, in May 1895, they declared their independence from Japan, calling their new country the Republic of Formosa. Links will lead you to the respective One World - Nations Online country information and internet resources page. [1] I've tried looking thoroughly and I simply haven't found a counterexample. "Ø" Hills, Denmark. I made this country name abbreviation list because, simply, I got tired of doing a search for one the infrequent times I needed it. Where can i find the fuse relay layout for a 1990 vw vanagon or any vw vanagon for the matter? | iHeartRadio Her reign would not last long as she was overthrown in a coup in 1893. Geography Quiz / Shortest Country Name per Letter Random Geography or Country Quiz Can you name the shortest named countries by each letter? The newly formed United States stood as an example to the rebels, with the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation serving as templates for the Belgians’ own documents. (Granted, it would still be part of the USSR.). 1 decade ago. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? However, due to infighting among the two factions and a conquest by Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II, who took over after his brother’s death in 1790, the country fell apart. (Hitler himself had agreed to a deal which secretly gave Germany’s acceptance of this plan.)[10]. Short description for Name This Country 1.0: "Name This Country" is a geographical [...] quiz which invites you to test your knowledge [...] of countries around the world. Cuba, Chad, Togo, Mali, Oman, Peru and Laos all have four But World War I was winding down, and the Germans were warming up to the idea of an independent provincial government in Lithuania. Vstock LLC/VStock/Getty Images “Tall, dark and handsome,” an old Hollywood adage describing the most desired man, may be a scientific reality. This was brought about due to the Germans’ fear of local competition and racist tendencies. Messages were sent out, pleading for international recognition and support. After about 100 years of living under a monarchy, the opposition to the throne in Hawaii rebelled, angry at a number of different issues springing up during King David Kalakaua’s reign. Intermittent bouts of fighting have broken out for months at a time, usually as a result of a perceived slight toward the rebels by the Mali government. In addition, the Germans had their own reservations, stating that the country didn’t have the right to elect its own leaders. letters. [9] Amnesty was offered by the North to bring their brothers in the South back to the country, a move which worked for the most part. Since then, the rebels, popularly known by their French acronym MLNA, have agreed to tenuously respect the national integrity of Mali and are in talks with the government about their independence. The civil war only lasted a little over a month. Throughout human history, the arbitrary borders which divide our countries have been fluid, changing over time. Much like Hitler and the Nazis, the leaders of Hungary, neighbors to Carpatho-Ukraine, had their minds set on expansion and invaded the newly formed country just a day later. This river had been known by several names, including simply "the outlet", and earned its short name in a contest. Ub, a town in Serbia; Ui, a town in Republic of Korea; Ug, short name for Tiszaug, Hungary; Ul, a parish in the Oliveira de Azeméis municipality in Portugal However, the Soviets decided to cede parts of Armenia to Azerbaijan, which angered the locals in the area. 153 American football player Cornelius R "C. R" Roberts usually goes by his initials, the second of which doesn't stand for anything [18]. All Rights Reserved. 0 0. How long will the footprints on the moon last? 0 2. The land was nearly three times as large as Germany itself.) [8] Their revolution was partially successful, though, as they were granted a concession by the Soviets: They were promised their territory would remain under Armenian control. [2] FWIW, I did ask Guinness World Records, but they declined to track it as a category because it wasn't "beatable enough". :) Source(s): country longest word only: After a tank battle erupted in April 1994, whose instigator is disputed, the representatives of the southern states seceded, declaring themselves the Democratic Republic of Yemen, just a few days later. By Michelle Vartan. Which country has the longest name? List Of Country & Dialing Codes. But there have been many more which did not survive. [1] (Belgium received the other land which comprised German East Africa.)