Teak can get pretty warm when sitting out in the sun, but a PVC deck gets even warmer—around 150 degrees F on a hot sunny day, according to Bill Gribble, president of Ohio-based PlasDECK Inc. With this in mind, Gribble’s company recently unveiled a new lighter-colored synthetic teak decking called CoolTEAK, which is purportedly much easier on the soles of your feet. Use it on your boat, yacht, caravan, outdoor areas. “Teak is now considered a high risk timber,” confirms Nigel Stuart, MD of Spirit Yachts. Its cork composition makes it lightweight and provides it with excellent insulation and sound-proofing properties. Flexiteek always have and will continue to strive for excellence. In many cases they also offer multiple advantages over real teak, including better longevity. Nuteak is a beautiful realistic synthetic teak decking with a 20Y warranty. Synthetic teak Decking. The following are some of the impressions a number of products made on SAIL’s editorial staff. Unfortunately, costly and laborious maintenance along with … Teak with black caulking, teak with white caulking and grey with black caulking available. Since the advent of fiberglass boat production, sailors have had a love-hate relationship with teak decks. Replaced the well worn teak on the cockpit seats and swim platform with TEKDEK about three years ago now. We’ve tried to give indicative prices for different options, but these are exceptionally difficult to pin down. “It is made completely seamless [the caulking doesn’t go right through], so it is impossible to have any leakages.” Additional benefits are that it is maintenance free, with no fading, has excellent anti-slip properties and comes with a complete freedom of design. The former can look amazing at boat shows, though in the real world it can maybe look incongruous to those who understand the damage regular scrubbing does to real teak. First and foremost, not all charter grounds are created ...read more, Last week Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) led the fleet across the equator. Permateek is another popular brand name and has recently introduced new shades that better mimic the grain of real teak. Given the high cost of replacement this can have a significant impact on a yacht’s resale value. Marinedeck 2000 consists of cork granules with a synthetic polyurethane binder. Flexiteek 2G cools 30% faster under foot than traditional synthetic decking, allowing you to walk across it barefoot. Leeuwenburgh Fineer, leeuwenburgh.com, To activate English subtitles in the above video, click the button “CC After this week’s dramatic rescue, French President Emmanuel Macron called Jean Le Cam (Yes We Cam!) On the other, teak is expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Synthetic Teak Decking PVC—PolyVinyl Chloride—is a type of plastic that can be readily modified by manufacturers to match almost any desired set of physical characteristics. “It’s a real advantage to them because these captains have to keep the boat pristine at all times for their owners,” Hamel said. They look great at boat shows and at chic Mediterranean quays, as well as providing excellent non-slip properties in the most demanding of conditions. As a guide, in the UK Permateek costs £150-£350/m2 depending on the complexity of the design. Nuteak Decking Inc., nuteak.com, Another very convincing teak substitute: it had me fooled in Newport. As a result, the only way to be absolutely certain a source of teak is sustainable is to use salvaged material (or to ensure that the teak can be GPS-traced back to stump). Available products can be split into four broad categories: Many of these don’t absorb liquids and are therefore easy to keep clean as any dirt stays on the surface. Flexiteek is the original synthetic teak decking material for boats and market leader in our field since 2000. This event will focus on adaptive sailing and provide practical recommendations for organizations looking to expand their adaptive ...read more, Historic anniversaries have always held a special fascination for me, especially if they mark a significant nautical achievement. Whether or not there’s already a pattern for that model of boat in the company’s database also impacts pricing. PlasDeck is less well known in the UK but has been established for 15 years, offering a range of PVC products in 28 shades that look and feel like wood. PlasDECK Synthetic Teak Decking. Cer-Deck, sold by Italian company Ceredi, also has a soft, slightly cushioned feel, very high resistance to degradation in sunlight and is colour stable. Synthetic Teak Decking Features Seven Trust Boat Decking is a synthetic teak decking made of composite materials, 100% recyclable, excellent anti-skid performance, the first to see or touch people think it is the real teak floor. It’s the perfect option to upgrade your boat and replace … Continue reading "Home" See more ideas about teak, deck, boat. First came hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean followed by Dorian in the Bahamas. Nonetheless, smaller projects, like installing a new “teak” cockpit sole, seats or a transom swim step, should be well within the ability of a careful DIY sailor. And while cost is often the primary consideration when planning a deck project, it’s equally important to understand the value of what you’re getting.You’ve probably already noted the difference in cost between composite decking and natural wood; composite materials are more expensive per linear foot. Another plus for DIY types: synthetic decking manufacturers know full well the skepticism they have to overcome and will bend over backward to help you do the job right. This also contributes to heating the interior of the boat. Nonetheless, it is a good-looking deck material in its own right and worth considering. Lignia, shown to great effect here on the decks of the Spirit 50CR, is a real softwood product treated to give it the appearance and longevity of teak. συνθετικού δαπέδου σε όλα τα καταστρώματα σκαφών. Anyone who saw the Spirit 50CR at last year’s Southampton Boat Show can attest that a quality yacht with Lignia decks will look stunning. Flexiteek says PVC experts suggest the surface may start to crack after 25-30 years, but no problems have been observed on 20-year-old decks so far and the life span may be considerably longer. Others felt the color was a bit too uniform, making it look less like the real thing. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. But early on Saturday, he ...read more, It’s been a rocky road of late for the charter industry, especially here in the Western Hemisphere. We proudly offer you new era decking material made with a respect to traditions of shipbuilding. The artificial synthetic teak deck is a low maintenance artificial teak board that looks exactly like the real teak deck and you can email us now and get free samples. In the event your decking does get stained, simply sand it off with some coarse-grit sandpaper, and you’re good as new. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal taste. I was recently doing a delivery with the owner of a beautiful teak-decked 46-footer. Water proof,Environmental friendly, low carbon,100% recycled. Tye Conway of UK-based decking specialist Elite-Teak says that typical installed prices in the UK are often lower than elsewhere in northern Europe, with many jobs falling into the following price ranges (ex. Cork decking: £200-£300 Isoteak is artificial synthetic teak made of original PVC based composition. As part of this effort, this past summer it organized an online ...read more, On Tuesday, November 24, US Sailing’s Leadership Forum will present the latest panel discussion in their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion series. It has shown up in such diverse applications as inflatable boats, phonograph records, shower curtains, computer cases, pipes, and house siding. Another bonus is that damaged areas can be sanded back to reveal fresh material that looks new. 0 Orders . This 2nd generation synthetic teak decking has, along with improving the heat reflecting properties, also been developed to reduce thermal transfer in hot climates. From a sustainability perspective, a big drawback with PVCs is they are plastics and will therefore remain in the environment forever. We carefully to create the best boat deck, only to give our customers a product quality protection. As a result van der Staay quotes a 40-year expected lifespan. ... Gorilla Deck Decking Reviews - Decks.com Gorilla Deck Vinyl Decking is manufactured by Homeland Vinyl Products in Birmingham, AL. Sep 1, 2019 - boats4yougo.com is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. SYNBOATEK® Synthetic Teak Decking is made of composite materials, its non–slip quality is superb, nobody yet on first viewing or touching think it is anything other than real teak.SYNBOATEK® Synthetic Teak Decking is made of composite materials, its non–slip quality is superb, nobody yet on first viewing or touching think it is anything other than real teak. Unfortunately, a ban on importing this illegal timber into the EU hasn’t stopped the trade, as evidenced by court cases in countries including Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Holland following the discovery of illegally imported teak. If you are tired of keeping up the teak on your boat, give it a look. SeaDek’s Jason Gardner says the large range of colour, thickness, density and design options means the price range can be very wide. Some of the staff picked Nuteak as the most genuine-looking product of the bunch, with excellent grain and texture. Stazo Marine Equipment, stazo.nl, The French-built Class 2M sloop is a distinctive boat for a number of reasons (see page 24 of this issue for a complete review), not the least of which is its unique bamboo-veneer deck. and Kevin Escoffier (PRB) to wish them well and congratulate them on their effort.