STUDY. Companies offering employee growth and opportunity will ultimately gain a sense of loyalty from their employees. Good relationships are built on trust. “Our values and attitudes are central to any meaningful quest to economic development,” Mr. Boyne asserted, while delivering the 4 th annual Ted Dwyer Lecture at the Excelsior Community College in Kingston on March 30. Getting & Making the Most of an Internship, Important Personal Skills That Employers Value, How Employers Can Effectively Manage Election Day Time Off, These Are the Most Important Leadership Skills Employers Look For, How (and Why) You Want to Recognize Employees with a Service Award, Top Soft Skills Employers Value With Examples, Top 12 Entry-Level Interview Questions and Best Answers, These Are the 5 Things Employees Need from Work. Do not make the mistake of missing an opportunity to show your supervisors at your internship that you have what it takes to be successful on the job, as well as possessing the personal characteristics they value. Professionals look, speak, and dress accordingly to maintain an image of someone who takes pride in their behavior and appearance. Attitudes – are the approaches, opinions and mind-set that you have develop through your upbringing and life and learning experiences. Employers value employees who come to work on time, are there … Dominate the team or do not be in line with the higher officials: Being not in line with the motive of … Employers value employees who understand and possess a willingness to work hard. It occurs when a person holds two cognitions (beliefs) that are inconsistent with or contradict each other, or when their espoused attitudes or values and behaviour do not match. Interestingly, the leader (e.g., goal emphasis, support) and work group (e.g., cooperation, warmth) constructs were most predictive of employees' work attitudes. The results contain data on each person’s strengths and risks and help predict behavior in these key areas: Increase positive outcomes such as teamwork, employee engagement, productivity, customer satisfaction, profitability, and more. Workplace values drive the attitudes and behaviors that you want to see within your team. It has been noted that one of the top reasons employees leave their employers is the lack of opportunity for career development within the organization. It is ideal to be truthful and straightforward towards your work as it will not only make you an upstanding person morally, it will also be visible in your work. FUNCTIONS OF VALUES• Terminal set of values:-a list ofdesirable end states.A Comfortable Life.• At work, two job attitudes have the greatest potential to influence how we behave. Professional behavior includes all of the behavior above in addition to providing a positive role model for others. When they enter into organizations, their stable or transient characteristics affect how they behave and perform. Personal Values are: The principles and standards upon which we lead our lives; They are influenced by our beliefs, our background, education, … Values are standards to guide ouraction, judgement and attitudes. Empowerment encourages employees to do their best work since companies are displaying trust and expectation that they believe in their employees to do a good job. Experience firsthand our employee personality assessments to hire and train better employees. In an ever-changing workplace, employers seek employees who are interested in keeping up with new developments and knowledge in the field. It gives employees a greater sense of satisfaction and a sense of control over their job. Convenience: Entire process is online through web portal 24/7, Included in our core bundle of assessments. To become a professional you must feel like a professional, and following these tips is a great start to getting to where you want to go. Although this may mean only staying for five or ten years in a position, employees can offer loyalty and make an important contribution during their time with the company. The workshop help to define the core values of service, timeliness, team effort, hard work, and quality and then to clarify how these core values influence productivity. In addition to your perpetual negativity, your non-stop gossiping, uncouth attitude and chronic complaining are making everyone dread coming into work. 5. The New Millennial Values. When we apply the concept of attitudes to work settings, we have to specify which attitude we are concerned with. Job satisfaction and organizational commitment are two key attitudes that … Self-motivated employees require very little direction from their supervisors. More companies today encourage employee feedback and offer employees an opportunity to lead in their area of expertise. Define “work attitudes”, and describe the relationship between attitudes and behaviours. While oftentimes employees complain that changes in the workplace don’t make sense or make their work harder, oftentimes these complaints are due to a lack of flexibility. Better Pre-Screening Insight: Employer reports contain scores based on the key personality traits, which helps shortlist for interviews. If the number of studies conducted on job satisfaction is an indicator, job satisfaction is probably the most important job attitude.